Investment Strategy

Aurous Special Assets Income Fund (ASAIF)

A securitised debt fund that offers attractive returns at low risk. The China Real Estate Debt Fund will invest via a loan agreement with a wholly-owned Chinese company.


A Silver Lining in the Current Global Economic Depression

While the Covid-19 Pandemic has resulted in a global economic crisis, a silver lining has emerged, forming the next blue ocean in terms of investment. Due to an increase in loan repayment defaults, there is a surge in supply of Non-Performing Loans which are collateralized by investment-grade real estate assets. Turning this situation around, we now have a way to transform this unfortunate situation into an opportunity for a positive financial return.

Why China

The global economic crisis has resulted in most top economies slumping to negative GDP. However, China maintains a positive growth in GDP and continues to attract FDI despite the pandemic and the trade war with the US. In fact, China’s FDI has surpassed the US in 2020 despite the said issues.

In addition to China’s track record above, China has also invested more than US$120 billion on development of infrastructure for the 140 participants of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) since 2013. With such massive investment, China is expected to benefit from the economic growth and cultural integration.

Key Investment Terms
Fixed Returns

7% – 10% net per annum

Short-Term Investment

Option of 2 or 3 years

Annual Distribution

Fixed returns distributed semi-annually or annually

Attractive Risk Reward

High safety margins to minimise risk of capital loss

Risk Management
  • Regulated by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  • Robust Singapore Variable Capital Companies (VCC) structure
  • Returns are fully hedged against currency risks
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