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Investing into a vision of the future for the greater good.

We provide investment management services to high net worth individuals, family offices, accredited and institutional investors across global markets, with an emphasis on Asian markets.

Our vision

Collaboration. Innovation. Excellence.

Imagine a society that is prosperous and living in abundance. A society that has more than it needs. A peaceful and giving society. A society that works towards mutual benefit and growth. That is our collective vision which we endeavour to achieve.

The funds

Growth. Stability. Innovation.

Aurous Capital exists to create wealth and financial growth for our clients. Using our collective knowledge and experience in the financial industry, we employ innovative strategies to provide various institutional-grade products and services, ranging from market analysis to the crafting of our financial products.

The family

Professional. Trustworthy. Integrity.

Our team is more than just a group of individuals working towards a common goal. We are a family that works in a dynamic environment in the spirit of collaboration and innovation, where we share the same goals and values.

Investment Strategy

Aurous Special Assets Income Note (ASAI)

An asset-backed private credit note offering fixed coupons with short tenors up to 3 years. The Note targets Non-Performing Loans (NPL) packages which are collateralized with investment-grade real estate assets located in prime locations within major Chinese cities.

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